True Lemon Packets – 22 Ways to Use Every Day

September 23, 2014 by Andrew Moorey

True Lemon and Lemon Lime Canada from EluaTrue Lemon packets have quickly become one of my favourite new products of 2014. True Lemon packets capture an entire wedge of fresh citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange) through the power of flash freezing and crystallization. Unlike many other big brand drink mixes, True Lemon packets are:

  • all natural (100% crystallized citrus)
  • affordable (as low as 8 cents per single serve packet)
  • extremely versatile (over 22 different ways to use!)

Today I'm sharing 22 different ways you can use True Lemon packets every day.

  1. Drink more water without adding artificial sweeteners or calories and without the mess of real lemons. Add a packet of True Lemon to a full glass or bottle (250 - 500 mL) of cold water.
  2. Carry them with you so you always have fresh citrus taste on hand (without the fruit flies).
  3. Use True Lemon packets in place of lemon, lime or orange juice in recipes. (1 packet = 1 tablespoon of juice or, for a stronger taste, 2 packets = 1 tablespoon of juice) Mix it up and get crazy, combine True Lemon with True Lime; True Orange with True Lemon or find your favourite combo!
  4. Make your own True Lemon-ade, True Lime-ade and True Orange-ade by combining with your favourite sweetener in a glass or pitcher. Sound like too much work? Check out our line of True Lemon Lemonade single serve packets here.
  5. Make your food sing with flavour! Use True Lemon or True Lime as a salt-substitute. Add flavour to all sorts of food without adding salt.
  6. Add to iced or hot teas to kick up the citrus.
  7. Adding True Lemon, Lime, Orange or Grapefruit to sparkling water or your favourite seltzer or soda* is super easy and incredibly refreshing.
  8. Making cocktails and run out of fresh lemon or lime? No problem - True Lemon to the rescue!
  9. Try sprinkling on broccoli, green beans, peas or other vegetables instead of salt.
  10. Use True Lemon or True Lime as a rub or seasoning on seafood, meat or chicken.
  11. Make lemon or lime butter by adding  to butter or your favourite butter substitute.
  12. Movie night? Sprinkle True Lime on popcorn or tortilla chips.
  13. Sprinkle on tuna fish to add some zing to your lunch.
  14. Sprinkle True Lemon on fresh fruits , strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, etc.
  15. Kids and adults love this one. Make citrus flavoured ice-cubes by adding True Lemon, True Lime or True Orange before freezing. Make your ice-cubes as concentrated as you like.
  16. Straight up??!!! I dare you! Pour a packet directly in your mouth for a true citrus kick! Ka Pow!
  17. Add some extra lemon or lime punch to your next cake, lemon bar or cookies by adding a packet or two of True Lemon.
  18. Sprinkle True Orange on vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt for gelato like zing.
  19. Stop your apples, avocados or other fruit from browning by sprinkling with True Lemon. This is a great trick when packing sliced apples in your lunch bags.
  20. Add some real lemon flavour to tempura batter and shake and bake style bread coatings by adding your favourite True Lemon packet.
  21. How old is that bottle of lemon juice in your fridge? Grab a packet of True Lemon instead. Reduce the clutter in your fridge and enjoy fresher lemon taste.
  22. Do you make your own toothpaste or use baking soda to brush your teeth? Mix in a packet of True Lemon, Lime, Orange or Grapefruit to make your mouth smile.

* To reduce fizzing and overflow and help mixing, pour carbonated beverages into a glass before adding True Lemon products.

Can you help us get our list to over 30 different ways to use True Lemon packets every day? Post below!

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