Trying to drink more water Canada? Try adding some flavour to your water bottle! We've got the best all-natural drink mixes in Canada to put some zip into your water and hydrate your day.

True Citrus True Lemon Drink Mix

You'll absolutely love the pure, crystallized lemon and lime packets from True Citrus or their naturally sweetened and flavoured line of lemonades. Our collection of Everly drink mixes offer all natural ingredients with a boost of added nutrients in some truly exotic flavours.

Skratch Labs Hydration Drink Mix

Looking for an all-natural electrolyte drink mix that won't upset your stomach, is made from all-natural ingredients (yes - no dyes, no chemicals, and no artificial sweeteners!) and actually replaces what you sweat out? Look no further Canada, Skratch Labs work better than the rest and its available in 6 amazing flavours, each made with real ingredients including real fruit.

You are what you drink and your body deserves better than Aspartame, Sucralose, Aceslulfame-K, Saccharin and other artificial sweeteners.

Better flavour, better water. Better water, better life. Elua, now that's refreshing!