Commercial Ingredients

Ingredient Solutions for Canadian Businesses

Because there's no business like your business. Elua is the exclusive Canadian distributor for True Lemon Food Service.

True Citrus products help improve taste, operational efficiency and profitability because they provide Canadian commercial ingredient manufacturers:


  • Superior taste
  • Customized taste profile, particle sizing and labeling
  • Greater versatility (can be used dry or wet)
  • Stability in form and flavour
  • Simple and clean label: Non GMO
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives
  • Small storage footprint and no refrigeration required
  • 2 year shelf-life

The Anatomy of True Citrus Products

True Citrus uses a variety of patented drying methods and forms to capture and lock-in the volatile components separate from the acids and other reactive materials, allowing us to provide:

  • A highly stable, unparalleled fresh taste with excellent flavour retention
  • Products made with simple and clean ingredients, which are now more feasible
  • Better versatility, as the products can be used in a wet or dry form and at various concentrations
  • Operational efficiencies by providing ease of use, measurability and a smaller storage footprint

True Citrus Canada: Constantly Innovating

Our processes allow us to build the ideal dry juice and flavour systems for Canadian food service providers. We combine various proprietary drying methods to convert juices, oils, essences or flavours into a dry form that is designed to outperform all other products in any food or beverage applications.

True Citrus Products Offer Unlimited Applications

    Food Beverages
    Prepared Foods RTD Drinks
    Seasonings Teas/Iced Teas
    Marinades Lemonades/Limeades
    Dressings Powdered Soft Drinks
    Glazes Smoothies/Protein Shakes
    Jams & Jellies Craft Beers
    Chips Sports Drinks
    Cookies Cocktails and Mixers

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