Happy, Healthy Living with Elua

Elua (ee-looh-ah) started as a twinkle in the eye of Canadian based business Branch Point Inc. (formerly Global Hydration) back in 2012.

Elua was originally created to help friends and family enjoy better, more environmentally friendly drinking water at home, and help them kick their bottled water habit. It quickly grew however to encompass healthy, active living for all. Elua now offers the largest collection of innovative products for healthy, happy, active living in Canada. From all-natural drink mix to sports supplements, water bottles to hydration packs, ice cube trays to coolers, electrolytes, water purification tablets and so much more!

We hope you’ll join us in staying active, living sustainably and thanking Mother Nature for this big, beautiful world that we all call home.

Introducing Our Co-Founders

Yes, they're brothers!

  • Ian Moorey

    Co-Founder and COO

    Learning the ropes from his father at their family’s bottled water company, Ian has spent his life working with water including co-founding Global Hydration. As Chief Design Engineer and Field Technician, Ian has a passion for all things mechanical. When he’s not working with water, he’s out racing sail boats on it or camping beside it with his family in Thunder Bay, ON.

  • Andrew Moorey

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Andrew has more than 18 years of experience in the water industry, co-founding Global Hydration after holding the position of VP in his family’s bottled water company for many years. Andrew studied Entrepreneurship at Confederation College and has a passion for innovation and charitable work. When not at the office, Andrew enjoys cycling and canoeing with his family along the shores of Lake Superior.