Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015 – Our Top 10

November 23, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

Health Gift Ideas Blog 2014 Christmas Season From EluaHey Canada, looking for healthy holiday gift ideas for Christmas 2015? Tired of giving chocolate? Why not give  the give of health?

Looking for the perfect gift for the runner, cyclist, skier or yogi on your list? Want to inspire or support someone to be healthier in 2016? Need ideas for someone enjoys paddling, camping or hunting and fishing in the great Canadian outdoors? We've got you covered!

At Elua, our tag line is “Better water, better life!” and today we're making a list of our Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015. Starting at #1 because we just can't wait...

 1. IceMule Coolers

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - IceMule Classic CoolerStay cool this season and give that impossible-to-buy-for person on your list an IceMule Cooler. What the heck is an IceMule Cooler and why did it make the top spot in our 2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas List?

IceMule Coolers are truly the cooler for every adventure. From the beach to the boat, canoe trips to road trips, picnic to paddle board, IceMule will keep you cool. IceMule combines the portability of a backpack with the leak-proof, ice-keeping performance of a premium hard shell cooler. A Kickstarter success story, IceMule was created by an outdoor adventurer tired of bulky  coolers and soft-sided coolers that just didn't work.

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - IceMule Pro CoolerChoose from the IceMule Classic, the IceMule Pro with backpack straps and the IceMule Pro Catch for the fisherman or woman on your list. IceMule Coolers keep ice intact for up to 24 hours or more, will never leak, have zero zippers to break, jam or fail, are airtight, float and are tough as nails. And did we mention you can carry them with no hands? You can't do that with a super-awkward-impossible-to-carry-impossible-to-pack hardshell cooler.

Click here to learn more about IceMule Coolers, starting at just $69.95 including free shipping in Canada.

2. True Lemon 

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - True Lemon#2 on our health holiday gift ideas for 2015 is True Lemon!  Why? Because it's a full wedge of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit squeezed into a super handy packet that you can take anywhere. No sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives, no seeds, no sticky fingers.... nothing! Simply add 1 single serving packet to 250-500 mL of water to create the perfect glass of fresh lemon water.

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - True Lemon PacketsTrue Lemon packets are 100% all natural - no preservatives, sodium or gluten and are naturally sugar free with 0 calories, 0g carbs, 0g sugars and no artificial sweeteners.  Click here for True Lemon Recipes and 22 Different Ways To Use True Lemon Packets.

Buy True Lemon here for as low as $0.08 per packet! At this price, you might want to leave a few packets out for Santa.

3. Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Glasstic Water Bottles

Third on our list of healthy holiday gift ideas for 2015 is this gorgeous, shatterproof glass water bottle from Glasstic. Yes - shatterproof! An ultra pure, toxin-free, premium glass sleeve is protected by a rugged, BPA free outer shell which means you can take this bottle anywhere and not worry about it breaking. And...water simply tastes better when stored in and drank from pure glass.

The Glasstic water bottle has become one of our favourite bottles at Elua. Glasstic bottles are condensation free, include a beutiful flip top lid folds all the way back (no squished noses) and a fully hinged carry handle.

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Glasstic Water BottleFor a limited time only, add a premium Elua water bottle brush for free. Simply add the brush to your cart and enter discount code FREEBOTTLEBRUSH at checkout.

Get the Glasstic bottle here for just $26.95! Now available in 4 new design patters plus 6 original solid colours.

4. GRAYL Water Purifier Cup

Holiday Gift Ideas - GRAYL Water Purifier BottleThe GRAYL water purifier cup is one of the coolest yet functional water filter bottles we've seen in years. Don't believe us? Here's what Outside Magzine had to say:  "Sketchy tap water in India or a questionable mountain creek in Colorado? Doesn't matter. Fill up the 16-ounce GRAYL, push the... filter down French-press style, and drink up...You can seal the lid tight and throw the whole thing in your pack, or take it off entirely and chug. Each filter is good for 40 gallons." OUTSIDE MAGAZINE BUYER'S GUIDE (May 2014).

Holiday Gift Ideas - GRAYL PurifierThe GRAYL water filter cup works like a French press producing 500 mL of clean, safe, great tasting drinking water in just seconds. Fill-press-drink! The GRAYL Travel Purifier is the only water filter bottle on the market today that is powerful enough to eliminate cysts, bacteria AND viruses.

Get the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup starting at just $69.99 including free shipping! For a limited time only, add a premium Elua water bottle brush for free. old.

5. Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration MixThis will make the cyclist, runner, skier or gym rat on your list jump with job Christmas morning. Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix is an all natural, electrolyte sports drink with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colourings and no chemicals. Yes, it's actually flavoured with real fruit - no artificial sugars, no chemicals and no dyes.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix replaces both the fluid and electrolytes lost while sweating while also providing the optimum amount of calories and carbs to help fuel working muscles. Unlike other electrolyte drinks, Skratch won't upset your stomach or cause unwelcome burping or bloating.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix simply works better. That's why, for years, top athletes have been secretly replacing their sponsors' products with drink mix made by Skratch Labs.

Holiday Gift Ideas - Skratch LabsSkratch Labs also makes the only exercise hydration drink mix designed to be drank HOT! If you are cycling, skiing or working hard outside in the cold, you're going to love rehydrating with Skratch Labs HOT Apple & Cinnamon mix.

Shop the best collection of Skratch Labs product here, including Skratch Fruit Drops Energy Chews, Rescue Electrolyte Drink, Skratch Food Wrap and more.

6. Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - AquatabsAquatabs are the world's number #1 water purification tablet and #1 stocking stuffer for the camper, hiker, international traveler, paddler or outdoor enthusiast on your list. Used by global humanitarian aid groups like the Red Cross, World Health Organization, OXFAM and CARE. Aquatabs are easy to use, have very little taste or odour and 100% iodine free.

Holiday Gift Ideas - Aquatabs Water Purification TabletsEach 49mg Aquatabs treats 1 L of water in just 30 minutes, eliminating bacteria, viruses and Giardia. Great for survival kits, emergency preparedness, bug-out bags, travel kits and tackle boxes. Aquatabs are packed in secure, tamper evident foil packaging with a five year shelf life.

Unlike other water purification products, Aquatabs do not require mixing drops nor is there any liquids to leak or glass to break. Also available in a 334mg tablet to treat 20 L. Get Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets here for just $10.99! 

7. Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube TrayThe Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray is retro cool, easy to use and plastic free - producing the ultimate in taste free and chemical free ice cubes. You probably remember similar ice cube trays from your grandparents freezer in the 1950's. This one makes big, long lasting cubes, will not absorb odours and its 3 row design makes lots of ice cubes - fast!

The Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray is made from clean, polished, hygenic 18/8 food grade stainless steel that won't warp or crack.

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Onyx Stainless Stee Ice Cube TrayEnjoy your ice again and stop worrying about BPA, whatever chemical has now replaced BPA and the probable plastic leaching that occurs when plastic ice cube trays freeze and thaw over and over and over again. As plastic ice cube trays age, they get brittle and can encourage even more plastic leaching.

Shop Onyx Ice Cube trays here for just $26.95. Caution: They are so cool, you might just want to get one for yourself!

8. Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas - Bottle Bright Cleaning TabletsBottle Bright is an easy to use, non-toxic, effervescent cleaning tablet designed for water bottles, hydration packs, travel mugs, thermoses, coffee pots and more. Bottle Bright offers a safe and effective method to care for your hard to clean drinking containers. A patent pending, biodegradable and non-toxic formula bubbles away grime, mould, coffee stains, tea stains and drink mix odours restoring bottles to their original shine and freshness.

Bottle Bright is chlorine free, non-toxic, safe to use and carries The Natural Seal, certified by the Natural Products Association.

What we really like about Bottle Bright is that the manufacture, Clean Ethics, donates an equal amount of Bottle Bright tablets to people in developing nations who are in vital need of clean water containers. Their mission is "Buy Clean. Give Clean." How cool is that? Get Bottle Bright here, they are the perfect size for stockings and just $9.99 per pouch.

9. Canadian Chaga from 180 Foods Co.

Holiday Gift Ideas - ChagaIf you haven't heard of Chaga, that gluten-free, dairy free, all-natural health guru on your Christmas list has. And if they haven't - they are going to be truly impressed to receive a gift of this 100% Canadian Chaga from 180 Foods Co.

Chaga is an elusive mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees and a true super food. Chaga grows over many years and can often be 15-25 years old when harvested. When seen on a tree, Chaga has a hard, black exterior that appears charred or burnt. In contrast, the inside is rich orange and cork like in texture. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) offers a unique and complex source of nutrition linked to a very long list of health benefits.

1978784_10152316436341887_8075740259262846927_nChaga is awesome for making a traditional tea, adding to smoothies, making tinctures, brewing with coffee or even adding to baking.

Click here to for the best collection of Chaga in Canada, available in bagging tea cut, loose tea cut, tea pebbles and even fine grind powder, starting at just $19.95.

10. Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters

2015 Gift Ideas - Frape and Sons BittersIf have someone on your list constantly  looking for a new water flavour for their soda water or who like experimenting with cocktails, desserts, sauces, dressings and marinades then this is the gift for them! Craft bitters are the latest trend and "must have product" for foodies and cocktail aficionados. Once upon a time, bitters were only used in classic cocktails and came in very limited and specific "flavours". That's all changed, thanks in part to the amazing creations of Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters.

Frape & Sons Boutique Bitters make small batches of premium craft bitters using unique ingredients, alcohol bases that are hand distilled on-site and innovative flavours and formulations. With flavours like Rum and Rhubarb, Rum and Coffee and Rum and Rhubarb with Orange, these bitters made for more than just cocktails. They are equally at home in deserts, sauces and even baking. Each bottle comes hand marked by Head Distiller Justin Frape with its unique batch number and year. These are true craft bitters!

Get your bottle of Frape and Sons Bitters here. Choose from Rum and Rhubarb, Rum and Coffee and Rum and Rhubarb with Orange, just $20.95 per bottle.

11. Wolfhead Hickory and Mesquite Smoked Coffee

Holiday Gift Ideas - Wolfhead Smoked Coffee 1lbWe just had to squeeze this one onto our list. Yes, you read that right - this fresh roasted, premium small batch coffee has been smoked!

Our friends at Wolfhead Coffee have put a whole new twist on small batch premium coffee, infusing it during the roasting process with rich hickory and mesquite smoke. Made in small batch lots right here in NW Ontario Canada, this premium Vienna roast coffee get a delicious makeover in the smoker leaving it full bodied and stunningly delicious.

Holiday Gift Ideas - Wolfhead Smoked CoffeeThis coffee is bold yet the acidity is perfectly balanced with a deep finish that while hard to describe, will leave you wanting another cup.

Does this coffee taste like smoke or barbecue? Absolutely not. Is this coffee one of the most delicious, unique cups of coffee that we've ever had. Absolutely.

Wow your guests this season or wow the coffee lover on your list with Wolfhead Smoked Coffee, just $26.95 for a full 1lb bag.

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Health Gift Ideas Blog 2014 Christmas Season From EluaFrom Our Family to Yours, Have a Very Merry, Healthy and Hydrated Christmas Holiday Season and All the Best in 2016.

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