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July 31, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

True Lemon SplashWhen life gives you lemons, if you're lucky, they are from True Lemon. Otherwise, making lemon water is easy, but it can get awfully messy and super sticky. You also need to filter out those pesky seeds. The other downside is that unless you carry lemons everywhere you go, or you’re a magician that can summon lemon wedges out of thin air, a fresh glass of lemon water is usually not within easy reach. Until now that is.

Imagine making real lemon water anytime, anywhere without the slicing, squeezing, straining and stickiness?

When Elua Gives You True Lemon…

You can make true lemon water anytime, anywhere. While riding the bus to work, preparing for a presentation, rushing to the gym, or enjoying the outdoors; all that you have to do is open a sachet of True Lemon, pour the crystallized lemon in your bottle of water and voila…instant, fresh lemon water for your sipping pleasure. You no longer have to worry about finding fresh lemons or squeezing the last bit of juice out of dry, shriveled up wedges from the back of your refrigerator.

True Lemon Fruit to Sachet

True Lemon does much more than add flavour to your bottle of water. It boosts H2O with Vitamin C (providing 25% of your daily requirements with each serving), ascorbic acid, and all the awesome nutrients found in a lemon fresh off the tree. The contents of each sachet is sourced from premium lemons that are cold pressed and crystallized to retain their zesty flavour.

Out of ten people who undertook a taste test, seven of them actually preferred True Lemon over fresh lemons. How is that for freshness and superior taste. Not a surprise though when you consider how far a lemon travels from tree to store shelf.

True Lemon Is True

True Lemon Is True!

Now you must be wondering that a drink mix cannot be this good without a tinge of artificial ingredients. There must be a trace of sweetener or added sodium?

Nope! True Lemon means true lemon. Made from cold pressing and crystallizing real lemons, True Lemon has zero additives, preservatives, colouring agents or sweeteners. True Lemon is also sodium free and gluten free.

True Lemon Ingredients

Okay, okay, you say to yourself, where's the catch?

This True Lemon stuff must contain hidden calories in the form of carbs and fat? The fact is - the only thing that True Lemon adds to your drinking water is the fresh taste of lemons. No carbs, no fats, no protein and yep - no calories. Just all-natural, thirst quenching lemon water with all the goodness of Vitamin C.

True Lemon is 100% Natural Lemon, Nothing More, Nothing Less

The many benefits of keeping ourselves hydrated with water are well documented. With the lemon drink mix, simple water transforms into a fortified health drink that tastes just like fresh lemonade.

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