The GRAYL Water Filter Bottle, Now Available in Canada!

May 23, 2014 by Andrew Moorey

GRAYL_water_filter_bottle_stainless_teal_press_exposed_eluaI'm so excited! We just received our first shipment of the GRAYL Water Filter Bottle, now available in Canada at The GRAYL Water Filter Bottle has to be one of the most innovative and ingenious water bottles that we've ever brought to Canada. While GRAYL calls it a cup, I think it's more of a bottle.

We've seen more than our share of water filters and bottles that require squeezing, sucking and waiting for gravity to slowly trickle out a small stream of safe, clean drinking water. The GRAYL however works just like a French press for making coffee. Simply fill-press-drink! The GRAYL Water Filter Bottle produces 1 L of water in just 16 seconds that can be drank, shared or stored for later.

Tested to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards, each GRAYL Water Filter Bottle includes a G3+ filter which removes a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals and pathogens. Transform your tap water into the sweetest water that you've ever had and put even the most expensive brand of bottled water to shame.

The GRAYL G3+ filter cartridge (included) is rated for 300 uses, an incredible 151 L (40 gal) of water and replacements are just $23.00. If you are heading outdoors or travelling overseas, I would recommend upgrading your GRAYL Water Filter Bottle from a water filter to a water purifier with the GRAYL G3+ purifier cartridge (sold separately).

Why buy a GRAYL Water Filter Bottle in Canada?

  1. Want to have the coolest water bottle in the office? Get a GRAYL Water Filter Bottle and be the talk of the water cooler. In fact.......using your GRAYL bottle to treat the water from your water cooler might not be that bad of an idea. Click here to learn more about how bottled water can affect your health. 
  2. Much of our tap water here in Canada is treated with Chlorine, lots of it. It's probably one of the big reasons so many people drink bottled water. Get a GRAYL Water Filter Bottle and transform your tap water from a swimming pool to some of the sweetest water you've ever drank. If you've been looking for a reason to kick your bottled water habit - the GRAYL Water Filter Bottle is it! Click here to learn more about the impacts of bottled water on our health, our environment and our pocketbooks.
  3. Accidents happen and contaminants like Giardia, Cryptosporidium and E. coli do find their way into municipal drinking water systems in Canada.  In March 2008, 1,766 cities, small towns and neighbourhoods in Canada were under boil water advisories, as were 93 First Nations communities. Use the GRAYL Water Filter Bottle with the optional Purifier Cartridge to remove 99.999% of microbiological contaminants like bacteria, cysts and viruses. Click here to learn more about Municipal Drinking Water and Your Health. 
  4. Heading into the great Canadian outdoors this summer? I've had friends contract Giardia on canoe trips and let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight. Even worse, the symptoms and health complications affected them for months. Protect your health by purifying your drinking water using the GRAYL Water Filter Bottle with Purifier Cartridge.
  5. Leaving Canada for international travel? Don't be another victim of The Aztec Two-Step, Delhi Belly or Montezuma's Revenge. Get a GRAYL Water Filter Bottle, upgrade it to a Purifier Bottle using the optional GRAYL Purifier Cartridge and enjoy your trip worry free. 

Questions about the GRAYL Water Filter Bottle in Canada?

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