Citrus Zinger Instructions of Use, Tips, Tricks and More!

The Citrus Zinger is designed for the easy infusion of lemons, limes, clementines, and other citrus fruits directly into your beverage. Pre-slice and add other fruit as you prefer to compliment the citrus zing.

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How Does the Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Create Better Infusions?

  1. Pulverizing the ingredients releases a greater hue, aroma and flavor than simply soaking fruit in water.

  2. Pulverizing the ingredients requires the use of less fruit than simply soaking fruit in water.

  3. Pulverizing the ingredients accelerates the infusion process vs. simply soaking fruit in water.

Using Your Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

Simply unscrew the bottom cup of the Zinger, flip the vessel on the top cap, and press a citrus half into the reamer. Screw back on the bottom lid, add water through the cap opening, shake and enjoy.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Features

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Reuse and Cleaning

The recommended shelf life for your Citrus Zinging creations is three days, if refrigerated. All mixtures should stay chilled after mixed. If you plan to consume your Zing creation within a 12-hour period, refrigeration is not required.

The Citrus Zinger typically produces one-two drinks per Zing. In order to return to a tasty concentration, add new ingredients after two servings (or 56 oz. / 1.6 L) have been enjoyed. Empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean before Zinging a tasty new batch of water.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Frequently Asked Questions

How many drinks will you get from one press with the Citrus Zinger?
About two. A trick to obtain two "equal" fill-ups in terms of flavor is to do a partial press of the lemon on the first press, drink down the beverage, and then unscrew and press the lemon again for the second drink.

Should you leave the lemon in or out of the vessel after a press?
It is your choice. The lemon will add additional flavor, however, if the lemon is left in too long, the drink may begin to take on a sour/bitter taste. Add more water to help even out this sour zing.

Can you add ice to the Citrus Zinger?
Yes. Simply remove the citrus press, and add ice via the bottom opening. Then add back the citrus press.

What are the weight and dimensions of the Citrus Zinger?
The Citrus Zinger Water Bottle has a diameter of 7.5 cm and a height of 24.5 cm. The Citrus Zinger weighs 208 grams.

Is the Citrus Zinger made from glass or plastic?
The Citrus Zinger Water Bottle is made from high quality, BPA free, Eastman Tritan plastic.

Can I use hot water in the Citrus Zinger or make hot tea with it?
Yes, you can use hot water with your Citrus Zinger Water Bottle however, do not add boiling hot water. The Tritan plastic used in the bottles is recommended for use at a temperature slightly lower than boiling.

My Citrus Zinger is leaking, what should I do? 
If your Citrus Zinger Water Bottle is leaking, you probably need to do nothing more than adjust or clean the gasket. Click here to learn more about how to stop your Citrus Zinger from leaking with proper gasket care - Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Gasket Removal Guide.

Can I use sport cap from the Aqua Zinger bottle with the Citrus Zinger bottle?
No, the Aqua Zinger and Citrus Zinger bottles use different caps and they are not interchangeable. The Citrus Zinger bottle does not come with a sport cap at this time. 

Citrus Zinger Water Bottles Instructions Of Use

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry ingredients before Zinging.

  2. Thoroughly wash and dry Zinger before using.

  3. Make sure the vessel is empty and that the top lid is on tight before adding ingredients.

  4. With the zinger facing topside up, remove the bottom base cup by unscrewing. Flip the citrus zinger on its head (top cap), to reveal the citrus press as facing upwards. So, the top cap is referred to as a “double base”.

  5. Slice citrus fruit in half and twist press the fruit half on the citrus press. Always try to use ripened and fresh ingredients when Zinging.

  6. Grab the vessel with one hand, and press the fruit with the other hand.

  7. Once the fruit is pressed, screw back on the bottom cup tightly and then flip the bottle back over (top side up).

  8. Unscrew the top cap, and add water, cool tea or other beverage option.

  9. Reseal the top cap, shake aggressively, and enjoy!


     Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Tips & Tricks

    Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Cleaning & Emptying Trips

    To empty the used ingredients of a Zing, simply unscrew and “flick” the bottom cup into a trash can or sink with garbage disposal and the “waste” should easily remove itself. A rinse and clean will set you ready for a new press.

    Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Serving Recommendations

    Serve water cold or chilled.

    Citrus Zinger Cautions & Warnings

    If you notice any adverse reaction, or feel you may have food poisoning after consuming a mixture, please seek medical attention immediately.

    * Children love to be a part of making things, and it is our bet that zinger drinks will become their favorite beverage in no time. That’s a great thing! However, as a practice of safety parent supervision is recommended. Note, all parts are made of Tritan BPA/EA free plastic.

    Additional Food Safety Tips


    Use care when operating and washing this item to avoid injury.