Citrus Zinger Recipes

Citrus Zinger Recipes and Citrus/Fruit Infusions

Infusing fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc... in water has its roots in Spanish cuisine and is commonly referred to as aguas frescas. The flavor is light and fresh, but not quite as heavy as a juice, and not as plain as water, either.

A single fruit flavor or complimentary fruit flavors can be refreshing, but if you want to be more adventurous with your flavors, try adding in an herb such as mint. There are no rules against sweetening your water with sugar, honey or agave nectar, if you so desire.

Let your imagination be your guide. Enjoy!

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Below are samples of ingredients that can be used to formulate your next Citrus Zinger creation!

Citrus Zinger Recipes

Citrus Zinger Recipes for Water

Lemon - Orange

Lime n' Honey

Lemon Cucumber

Grapefruit Mint

Orange Lemon & Green Apple

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