Aqua Zinger Instructions of Use, Tips, Tricks and More!

The Aqua Zinger is designed for the easy infusion of all natural ingredients like fruits and herbs directly into the beverage option of your choice.

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How Does the Aqua Zinger Water Bottle Create Better Infusions?

Using Your Aqua Zinger Water Bottle

Ease of operation is the Zing standard. Simply unscrew the bottom cup of the Zinger, add ingredients of your choice and then screw bottom lid back on. Fill with water (or other liquid of choice), shake, let soak and then enjoy! Each Zinger is simple to clean and allows you to enjoy creating tasty new infusions. Aqua Zings have more robust flavours after 15-20 minutes of steeping, but an instant infusion is still delicous, albeit lighter in flavour. Click here for Aqua Zinger recipes and suggestions!

Aqua Zinger Features

Aqua Zinger Reuse and Cleaning

The recommended shelf life for your Aqua Zinger creations is three days, if refrigerated. All mixtures should stay chilled after mixed. If you plan to consume your Zing creation within a 12-hour period, refrigeration is not required.

The Aqua Zinger typically produces 1-2 drinks per Zing. In order to return to a tasty concentration, add new ingredients after two servings have been enjoyed. Empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean before Zinging a tasty new batch of water. Click here for Aqua Zinger instructions of use, tips & tricks and more.

Aqua Zinger Frequently Asked Questions

How many drinks will you get from one grind with the Aqua Zinger?
About two. Maybe more depending on infusion times, and types of infusion items. Allow the second drink/infusion to steep longer than the first.

How do you create a more "instant" infusion with the Aqua Zinger?
Do a double grind - without water added, grind your ingredients once, shake the vessel, unscrew the grinder, and re-screw on. Add water, and shake aggressively. Allow 15-20 minutes for steeping, and shake again.

How do you clean the Aqua Zinger?
For a quick ingredient change and clean, simply unscrew the bottom from the empty bottle, and then flick the "spent" ingredients from the cup and top blade set into the trash. Rinse the top grinder and bottom cup, and it will be ready for the next zing. Note: it is also recommended to do a thorough cleaning (i.e. top-rack dishwasher) on the Zinger when needed.

What is the weight and dimensions of the Aqua Zinger?
The Aqua Zinger has a diameter of 8 cm and overall height (with flip top lid closed) of 24 cm. The Aqua Zinger weighs 482 grams.

My Aqua Zinger is leaking, what should I do? 
If your Aqua Zinger or Citrus Zinger Water Bottle is leaking, you probably need to do nothing more than adjust or clean the gasket. Click here to learn more about how to stop your Citrus Zinger from leaking with proper gasket care - Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Gasket Removal Guide.

Can I use sport cap from the Aqua Zinger bottle with the Citrus Zinger bottle?
No, the Aqua Zinger and Citrus Zinger bottles use different caps and they are not interchangeable. The Citrus Zinger bottle does not come with a sport cap at this time. 

Aqua Zinger Instructions of Use

Aqua Zinger Tips & Tricks!

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    Aqua Zinger Cautions & Warnings

    * Children love to be a part of making things, and it is our bet that Zinger drinks will become their favourite beverage in no time. That’s a great thing! However, as a practice of safety parent supervision is recommended. Note, all parts are made of Tritan BPA/EA free plastic.

    Additional Food Safety Tips


    Use care when operating and washing this item to avoid injury.