Citrus Zinger Water Bottles - How To Spot A Counterfeit

We've received a growing number of questions lately asking how to determine if a Citrus Zinger Water Bottle is genuine or counterfeit.

At Elua, we purchase all of our Citrus Zingers directly from the US based manufacturer, Zing Anything. A growing number of counterfeit Citrus Zingers are however making their way to North American markets.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a Citrus Zinger is a fake is by the price. Citrus Zingers sell in Canada for around $20. If you see a bottle selling for significantly less than this, it's probably a counterfeit.

Here are some other ways of determining if a Citrus Zinger is genuine or counterfeit.


  1. There should be a tag attached to the Citrus Zinger bottle cap referred to as a “hang tag.” The bottles sold within the United States will have hang tags in English. Hang tags on bottles sold within the United States should NOT be in Korean or Chinese.

  2. Boxes vs. Bags - The Citrus Zinger and Kid Zinger bottles sold within the United States and Canada do not have a box. In Asia, the Citrus Zinger and Kid Zinger are boxed.

  3. Citrus Zinger counterfeit bottles are distinctly different at the neck when compared to an authentic bottle. Most counterfeits have a ridge below the threads and are varied in shape. A genuine bottle will have a smooth, rounded shoulder compared to a flat, angled shoulder on a counterfeit.

  4. The MSRP of a Citrus Zinger bottle in Canada is $20. If you see a bottle advertised for significantly less than this, it's probably a counterfeit Citrus Zinger Water Bottle.

  5. The citrus reamers in authentic Citrus Zinger bottles have a solid reamer tip, whereas counterfeit reamers have a hollow tip. Additionally, the holes in the genuine reamer have a clean, beveled cut. Many counterfeit bottles have holes with a straight cut and rough edges.

  6. The logo band is not removable from the bottom cup on genuine Citrus Zingers. Counterfeit bottles without a removeable band will have visible adhesive underneath the band. There are two barely noticeable seams along the side of the band. Counterfeit bottles have more noticeable seams. The logo text appears crisp and sharp on authentic bottles, whereas the counterfeit logo text will appear dull and sometimes crooked.

  7. Due to poor manufacturing and use of inferior and potentially toxic materials, a strong plastic odor upon opening a counterfeit Citrus Zinger bottle is often found.

  8. Genuine Citrus Zinger caps will contain a small rubber gasket that helps to prevent leaks. The genuine gasket looks like a stair-step double ring, and is removable and fits snugly into place inside the top cap. Counterfeit bottles will have a single ring gasket or a poorly designed alternative.

  9. The stamp on the bottom cup of Citrus Zinger bottles is cleanly pressed and easy to read, whereas counterfeits may be slightly blurry or wavy. Current production of the bottom cup is a single ring of product info, however previous genuine versions have a double ring of text. The current production information in the single ring version states as follows: “ – patent pending – bpa and ea free Tritan – designed by studio murmur – made in Taiwan”. Note that the only capitalization is the “T” in “Tritan” and “Taiwan.”

Please be careful when shopping for Citrus Zingers!

Some Citrus Zinger counterfeits are easier to spot than others. Please remember that fake Citrus Zingers may have all the variations listed above or could have only one or two defects.

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