Canadian Chaga

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  • In our ongoing quest for health, happiness and amazing things to mix with water, we're very excited to launch this premium line of Canadian Chaga from our friends at 180 Foods Co.

    Chaga is an elusive mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees and a true super food. Chaga grows over many years and can often be 15-25 years old when harvested. When seen on a tree, Chaga has a hard, black exterior that appears charred or burnt. In contrast, the inside is rich orange and cork like in texture. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) offers a unique and complex source of nutrition linked to a very long list of health benefits. 


  • 180 Foods Canadian Chaga

    • 100% wild harvested Canadian Chaga

    • Whole Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus), no additives, less than 10% moisture

    • Choose from powder, loose tea, bagging tea cut, tea pebbles and tea chunks

    • Use to make tea, tinctures, baking, smoothies, coffee and more

    • Can be reused up to 3-4x 

    How to choose the right cut or grind of Chaga

    1. Bagging Tea Cut is best for quick brewing by the cup or tea pot using disposable tea bags or blending with french press coffee

    2. Loose Tea Cut is best for brewing by the cup or tea pot using a tea ball or tea strainer

    3. Tea Pebbles are best for long, slow brewing by stove pot or slow cooker

    4. Tea Chunks are best for long, slow brewing by stove pot or slow cooker

    5. Powder is best for use in smoothies, baking or blending with pour over coffee

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