True Citrus drink mixes and spice blends are now available in Canada! The folks at True Citrus are "truly" passionate about citrus flavour and creating drink mix products for water which provide real flavour from real fruit using only natural ingredients.

When we first tried their all natural drink mix products for water, we were both surprised and delighted at what we found. True Citrus uses proprietary processes (2 patents and counting) that provide fresh-squeezed citrus taste in a new, ultra-convenient, crystallized form. True Citrus crystallized lemon, lime and lemonade packets allow you to enjoy citrus in your water like never before. No more cutting, no more mess, no more shriveled up lemons in your fridge. 

True Citrus For Water is 100% natural Ingredients, 100% delicious and 100% convenient. If you love lemon water or lemonade - you'll absolutely love these new drink mix products from True Citrus!