Glasstic reusable glass water bottles are now available in Canada! Finally a water bottle that mixes the purity of glass and the safety of plastic - Glasstic! 

Glasstic water bottles incorporate an inner wide mouth glass bottle protected by an outer plastic sleeve. Not only is the Glasstic bottle extremely break resistant, it’s 100% shatterproof. If you drop it and the glass water bottle on the inside does break, the broken glass remains safely contained within the plastic outer shell!

Glasstic bottles include a high quality, flip top sport cap with with safety lock to prevent accidental opens. The flip top cover is absolutely brilliant as it flips all the way back and down, onto the side of the bottle. We've tried many bottles where the flip top lid squishes your nose as you try and drink - not the Glasstic bottle! The mouth piece on the Glasstic bottle is also one of the best we've ever tried and allows for smooth, glug free drinking. The carry handle is big enough for man fingers and folds back on a smooth hinge action when not needed.

Glasstic is changing the way people think about glass and the places they can confidently use it. Stay hydrated with Glasstic without having to worry about breakage, bpa or chemical leaching. Where do you want to take your new Glasstic water bottle?

Get the Glasstic water bottle in white, black, purple, green and blue - what's your colour?