clean, bubbly glass + soft silicone = bkr water bottles

500 mL bkr water bottles and bottle brushes are now available in Canada! bkr water bottles are by far the most stunningly gorgeous water bottles we've ever laid our hands on. bkr's water bottle design is inspired by everything you love in the colours that you love. From parisian street chic to tokyo minimalism, bkr bottles reflec the cool, the pretty, the calm and the bright in life. bkr water bottles are transparent, clean, effortless and loved.

bkr (“beaker”) was created by two design–obsessed friends in San Francisco who wanted to stop drinking out of disposable plastic bottles. They realized that plastic is 100% chemical, disposable things usually become trash, and clean water comes out of the tap for free. They wanted a pretty, clean, reusable alternative that didn’t feel like a baby bottle or camping gear.

Boy, chip, pixie, surf, night, fog...what's your bkr water bottle colour?