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Generation UCAN SuperStarch Drink Mix - Tubs

  • A smart fueling strategy is key to athletic performance. UCAN Performance Energy, powered by SuperStarch™, gives athletes sustained energy for training and competition, plus added protein for muscle recovery. 

    UCAN Performance Energy delivers steady, long-lasting energy without sugar or stimulants to help you avoid the spike & crash. Pre-workout food that’s easy on the stomach; continue drinking UCAN during longer endurance training sessions for sustained energy.

    SuperStarch™ is a patented, naturally cooked non-GMO food starch that delivers a slow-release of complex carbs to steady your blood sugar, keeping you fueled and feeling good throughout your training. 

    Note about tub sizes: New branding 700g/tub. Original branding 750g/tub. New branding is being phased in fall 2018.

  • UCAN SuperStarch Drink Mix is naturally sweetened, gluten-free, low glycemic and vegan friendly with no added sugars. Now available in Canada, Generation UCAN All-natural SuperStarch carbohydrate is a patented ingredient derived from hydrothermally treated non-GMO corn.

    Note about tub sizes: New branding 700g/tub. Original branding 750g/tub. New branding is being phased in fall 2018

    Make your calories count with SuperStarch, the key ingredient in UCAN products. UCAN SuperStarch is a one-of-a-kind energy source originally developed for children with a rare blood sugar disease. UCAN drink mixes contain no added sugars and have a low-glycemic index to help you better burn fat. Try UCAN drink mixes before and during workouts for steady energy without GI distress, and between meals to control cravings.

    UCAN is a carb with no crash. A carb that allows fat burn and a carb that doesn't bother the stomach. Added electrolytes optimize health and performance.

    Click here to buy the UCAN Single Serve Variety 5-Pack, perfect for gifts or first time buyers.

    •  Sustain energy by stabilizing blood sugar without the spike and crash of sugar-based fuels and gels
    • Optimize performance with clean, healthy energy that helps you get the most out of your body
    • Improve body composition by minimizing Insulin release and improving your ability to burn fat
    • Enjoy stable blood sugar and steady energy for hours
    • Drink it, add it your smoothie or mix it into a gel
    • Includes added electrolytes for optimum health and performance
    • 30 servings per tub

    Steady Energy - UCAN releases slowly into the body and keeps your blood sugar stable, avoiding the spike and crash caused by sugar-based sports drinks. Stabilizing your blood sugar is the key to feeling steady energy without any highs and lows. Because UCAN stabilizes blood sugar on its own, there's no need to keep re-fueling throughout a workout.

    No GI Distress - SuperStarch passes through the stomach rapidly and is digested in the intestines. Because of its high molecular weight and low osmolality, it is very gentle on the stomach. In contrast, sugar-based products contain small molecules that sit in your stomach and apply pressure on your GI tract, resulting in an upset stomach after repeated use.

    No More Empty Calories - UCAN products contain no added sugars, are non-GMO, and gluten-free. The calories from UCAN are long-lasting because they release slowly and are fully absorbed. Every gram of SuperStarch is used by the body as energy. UCAN makes you less reliant on outside calories because it allows your body to burn both carbs (SuperStarch) and fat for energy. 

    ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Processed in a facility that also processes wheat, milk, soy and eggs, sesame and tree nuts.


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