Water Purification Tablets, 12 Reasons To Keep On Hand

July 22, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

Water Purification TabletsWater purification tablets used to be a niche product limited to hardcore backpacking, long canoe trips or military kit bags but times have changed. More and more people are facing suspect water in more and more situations around the globe. Whether it be for work or play, travel or emergency preparedness, protecting your health when faced with dodgy drinking water needs to be your number 1 priority.

Tap water, municipal water, lake water, even bottled water is routinely found to be contaminated with everything from bacteria like E. coli, cysts like Giardia and viruses like noro-viruses, Avian flu, Hepatitis A and E and more. The choice to risk consuming suspect drinking water could result in more than just stomach upset. Water purification tablets provide fast-acting and easy to use protection from a wide range of waterborne diseases. There are a wide range of water purification tablets available on the market today that are easy to use, inexpensive, super compact and iodine-free, like Aquatabs.

Top 12 Reasons To Keep Water Purification Tablets On Hand

  1. If you ask the right person, the zombie apocalypse is coming and you better be ready.
  2. Whatever you call it, Aztec two-step, Delhi belly, Hong Kong dog, Montezuma's revenge, Rangoon runs, Tourist trot or Travelers' diarrhea, is the most common illness affecting travelers. Each year between 20%-50% of international travelers, an estimated 10 million persons, develop diarrhea. Click here for more information and tips on waterborne disease.
  3. You might be heading to a five star resort but when that hurricane comes early and knocks the power out placing the entire island on a "boil water advisory" you'll be grateful for the water purification tablets tucked away in your toiletry bag.
  4. Like it or not, climate change is causing more and more significant weather events and natural disasters. Water purification tablets are a must have item for emergency preparedness and 72 hour kits, both for your home and your car.
  5. Fishing trips are lots of fun until the engine dies or your paddle is eaten by a beaver. Add a package of water purification tablets to your tackle box and be prepared once your bottled water runs out.
  6. You are not a true prepper if you don't have water purification tablets in your bunker.
  7. Did you know that most water filtration systems sold for camping and backpacking will not remove viruses from your drinking water? Add a water purification tablet to the water post filtration to effectively eliminate viruses.
  8. After a 2.5 hour drive to your camp or cottage, you realize you forgot the bottled water. Do you get back in the car or grab a water purification tablet from the cupboard and drop into your water bottle?
  9. Save money when travelling abroad - stop buying bottled water to brush your teeth or wash your fruits and vegetables. Treat that dodgy tap water with water purification tablets.
  10. Unlike water purification drops or liquids, foil packaged water purification tablets will not leak into your backpack or luggage, will not get confiscated at the airport and do not require your chemistry professor to help accurately mix parts A and B together safely.
  11. Water purification tablets can also be used to make water safe for washing fruits, vegetables and produce or even disinfecting it.
  12. You watched San Andreas right?

Water Purification Tablets CampingThere is no magic or sleight of hand tricks at work when you use a water purification tablet. Just simple, straightforward science; or chemistry to be more precise. Modern water purification tablets dissolve to produce a measured dose of Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide. Iodine or halazone based tablets used to be popular in the 1970s and 80's until it was found that many people had Iodine allergies and newer products like Aquatabs offered significantly less taste and odour. Click here to learn more about the differences between water purification tablets and liquid bleach like Javex.

  • Water purification tablets will protect you from a wide range of waterborne diseases such as Travellers’ Diarrhea, Giardia, faecal coliforms, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, strains of Hepatitis A and E, Salmonella, Noro viruses and more.
  • The active ingredients used in modern water purification tablets like Aquatabs are USA manufactured and US EPA and NSF 60 certified; which is just a fancy way of saying that they are absolutely safe to use short-term and long-term.
  • Chlorine based water purification tablets are Iodine-free which make the tablets suitable for adults, children and pregnant women.
  • Water purification tablets like Aquatabs are well known for producing no unpalatable taste or odour. Nor will they stain your water bottle or hydration pack.

Foil packaged water purification tablets are super compact, lightweight and easy to carry. They are easily stashed in a toiletry bag, travel kit, survival kit, glove compartment, bum bag, bug-out kit, medicine cabinet, first-aid kit or your sock.

In summary, don't get caught with your pants down. Keep a supply of water purification tablets on hand and protect your health.

When did you wish you had water purification tablets on hand but didn't? Without too much detail, how did things work out?

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