Top 10 FAQs About Water Filtration From Elua

September 24, 2013 by Andrew Moorey

Elua_Water_LOGO_CLRToday I wanted to share some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about water filtration from Elua. If you’ve been following us on social media like FacebookTwitter or Google+ or heard a friend talk about us but haven’t really been sure what pure water from Elua is all about, read on, this blog is for you!

1. Why should I choose Elua instead of bottled water or tap water?

At Elua, we give you the power and tools to take back your tap and kick the bottled water habit. We give you the ability to save money, increase your freedom, improve your health and reduce your impact on our environment. We offer some of the most functional and beautiful water filtration systems on the market today backed by convenient filter subscription plans, extended 2 year warranties (not available anywhere else) and a dedicated customer service team to support you every step of the way.

2. Where can I see your products before I buy?

In order to offer you the best possible customer service experience and pricing, our water filtration systems are available exclusively through our website. Click here to for detailed product specs, photo galleries or video to see our water filtration systems in action!

3.  How do the costs of a home water filtration system compare with bottled water?

Enjoy significant savings when comparing Elua to bottled water. Most families can save between $800 and $2,500 over the first 3 years alone. In the workplace, the savings can be as high as $1,600 over the first 3 years per water cooler, not counting additional fees like water cooler cleaning and sanitizing, delivery charges and disposable cups. Whether at home or at work, a water filtration system from Elua delivers a lower cost per litre than any brand of bottled water without sacrificing quality or taste.  And that's not counting the cost of gas to drive to the store, the chiropractor bill after lifting one too many heavy bottles or your precious time. Click here to see the detailed math.

4. What does Elua mean?

Elua is a unique name that came about after hours and hours of brainstorming, word games and more than a few invoices from very expensive trademark lawyers. We've since discovered references to the word Elua in a few place names in Hawaii, a video game character and even a few first names in certain cultures but none have any connection to our Elua. However, if you live in Wailea Elua Village, Hawaii we'd love to come and visit!

5. What is the difference between bottled water and “Elua” water?

Bottled water is a classification that includes a wide variety of water sources and even treatments. Some types of bottled water are sourced from natural springs or aquifers and have minimal treatment before bottling while many leading brands of bottled water are sourced from municipal water sources and undergo a wide range of treatments depending on the bottler. While pure at the source, almost all PET packaged bottled water has been proven to contain contaminants like Antimony and endocrine disruptors that leach from the bottle itself. Click here to learn more about Bottled Water and Your Health.

“Elua” takes your municipal water and makes it even better by removing chemicals that your municipality is not capable of removing  like Lead, Mercury, MTBE and VOCs like Benzene, adding a final barrier to microorganisms like Cryptosporidium, removing fine particulate picked up from aging distribution systems and removing the chlorine injected into the water at the water treatment plant. Click here to learn more about Municipal Water and Your Health.

At Elua, we think that the water produced by our customers is better than most brands of bottled water and far safer than standard municipal water, especially when "better" is measured by environmental responsibility, social responsibility, cost and convenience.

6. Are there any contracts or commitments associated with Elua’s products or services?

No, there are no commitments and no contracts with Elua.

7. Can I install any of the water filtration systems available from Elua myself?

Yes, by all means! Installation is quick and easy for most DIY orientated individuals who are handy with basic tools. Tapping into an existing water line is a simple process and a wide variety of standard fittings and adapters are included with each product's installation kit including a very special gizmo called a saddle valve which allows you to tap into an existing copper water line with no cutting, torches or tools. Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the water filtration systems offered by Elua create no wastewater, do not require a drain connection and do not require wired power.

8. Do you offer an installation service?

We do not offer installation services but are more than happy to help you find a plumber or contractor in your area and support them with manuals, installation videos or answer any questions that they may have. Most plumbing only installations take less than an hour. If you choose to install the optional faucet and need assistance drilling through your sink or counter top it should take a qualified contractor less than 30 minutes.

9. How often do the water filters need to be changed and where do I get them from?

We offer a number of different water filtration systems and filter life varies by make, model and type of filtration. We offer replacement water filters for all system we sell even though most are also available from other retailers across North America. If you have any questions about buying replacement water filters for any water filtration systems that we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

10. Do the water filtration systems offered by Elua have any accreditations?

Yes, almost all water filtration system offered by Elua have been tested and certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI std. 53 and NSF/ANSI std. 42 for the reduction a wide range of contaminants.

I hope that the FAQs above give you a better idea about what Elua has to offer, how easy it is to install a water filtration system from Elua and the many benefits that comes from switching to Elua from bottled water or tap water. To learn more about our philosophies and goals, our commitment to charities like charity: water, or to meet our team, please visit  our website. Click here to join us on Facebook. To keep up to date with all the latest information and discussion, join us on Google+ or follow us on Twitter. For even more questions and answers, product manuals and videos, please visit our support page.

Click here to start drinking better with a water filtration system from Elua!

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