Home Water Filtration Systems – The 10 Commandments

July 24, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

Home Water Filtration Systems, 5 CommandmentsCongratulations on your decision to purchase a home water filtration system.  Smart move! A water filtration system will allow you to kick the bottled water habit, save money while also reducing your exposure to plastic and contaminants found in municipal tap water like chlorine, lead, VOCs, THM's, fine particulate and more. However, as I'm sure you are starting to discover, there are LOTS of home water filtration systems on the market today and shopping for one can be confusing. A Sea of Endless Choices The thing is that, just like any other product, there is an endless array of home water filtration systems to choose from. Once you start doing a bit of research it won't be long before you are left scratching your head. You want the best for your family but are drowning in a sea of choices (pun intended). Bold claims, low prices, different technologies...........you might just feel like giving up and continuing with bottled or tap water. But don't! Click here for 5 reasons why you should stick with your plan and purchase a home water filtration system.  

Home Water Filtration Systems – The 10 Commandments

  1. THOUGH SHALT BE NSF/ANSI CERTIFIED. A home water filtration system can be compact, look good, have a great price, etc. but most importantly, it needs to do it's job and produce safe, great tasting water. The best home water filtration systems are certified to rigorous NSF/ANSI certifications. But take a few minutes to look beyond the NSF Logo. There is a long list of certifications available through NSF and each NSF/ANSI certified system will have a table or chart listing the individual contaminants that the system is certified to remove. Two different systems might both feature the NSF logo on the front but the fine print may show that one system removes 4-5 contaminants while the other is certified to remove far more.  Wondering if Brita Pitcher Style home water filtration systems are enough?
  2. THOUGH SHALT AVOID DEMINERALIZED WATER. Home water filtration systems that use technology like reverse osmosis or distillation are incredibly powerful but the water they produce is absent of important minerals like calcium, magnesium and even flouride. Water produced by reverse osmosis or distillation is classified as demineralized water. A long list of health experts, doctors and even the World Health Organization recommend against drinking or cooking with demineralized water. Click here to read more about this important topic.
  3. THOU SHALT HAVE A FAST FLOW RATE. You don’t want to be standing for minutes on end waiting for your glass or jug to fill.  That's almost as bad as an empty water cooler or Brita system. The best home water filtration systems have a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute (1.89 lpm). Bonus points for ultra-high flow filters that can be installed on any water faucet without reducing the flow or pressure like the Everpure PBS-400.
  4. THOUGH SHALT HAVE A LONG LIFE FILTER. If you've ever purchased razors for shaving or ink cartridges for your computer printer, you know the risk that comes in purchasing a product with a consumable item. Home water filtration systems are no different. When analyzing cost and comparing different models, look for a system with long life filters like the Everpure H-300. Each replacement filter lasts 300 gallons (1,134 L). That's the equivalent of 60 x 5 gallon (18.9 L) water cooler bottles. Bonus points for home water filtration systems that have only 1 water filter to change.
  5. THOUGH SHALT BE COMPACT AND SIMPLE. Any home water filtration system that takes up all the space under your sink is probably more than you need and it's best to cross it off your list. Water filtration technology has evolved to the point where one can purchase a powerful yet compact system capable of removing a long list of contaminants, often housed in just one slim-line cartridge. Bonus points for any home water filtration system that does not require tools to change the water filter. If you are considering a reverse osmosis or "RO" system, click here for a great post on determining if reverse osmosis is the best home water filtration system.
  6. THOUGH SHALT BE USER FRIENDLY. No one wants to spend hours reading the operation manual to figure how to use install, set up their new home water filtration system and pour a glass of water. Look for a system that is easy to install, includes a comprehensive installation kit and supporting installation video so you can install yourself. Bonus point for systems like the Everpure CTS-H54 which requires zero under the sink installation or bar faucet installation. Units like these are perfect for apartments or condos where the landlord may not give permission for permanent installations.
  7. THOUGH SHALT INCLUDE A BACTERIOSTATIC AGENT TO COMBAT BACTERIA GROWTH. Water filters work by catching and holding onto contaminants. This is a good thing. However, over time, filters can act like dirty kitchen sponges - holding on to particulate, contaminants and organic matter that can allow microbiological growth. To combat this, look for a filter that includes a bacteriostatic agent within the filter cartridge to combat the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This also helps prevents premature clogging. Bonus points if the water filtration system includes a filter timer to notify you when to change the filter. An old filter is worse than an old, smelly kitchen sponge since you don't drink the water squeezed through the sponge.
  8. THOUGH SHALT BE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. By their very nature, home water filtration systems offer are far more environmentally friendly then bottled water. And while they do have a carbon footprint larger than plain old tap water, we believe that it's worth it. Being able to reduce contaminants commonly found in drinking water like lead, chlorine, VOC's, etc. is incredibly important, especially over a life time of water consumption. Bonus points for home water filtration systems that offer long-life filters and have an affiliation with a group like 1% for the Planet.
  9. THOUGH SHALT COME WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are looking at a home water filtration system or retailer that will not offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee on their products, cross them off your list. Make sure that any guarantee remains valid after you install the system. This gives you the chance to taste the water being produced, try the system out and return it if not completely satisfied.
  10. THOUGH SHALT BE PROUD OF YOUR DRINKING WATER. When choosing a home water filtration system, remember - you are what you drink. Be proud of your drinking water and make sure you are 100% behind the technology and retailer that you choose. If being environmentally conscious is important to you - you may not like an RO system which usually sends 1 gallon down the drain for 1 gallon it produces.

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Have you recently purchased a home water filtration system? Our readers would love to hear your story and advice!

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