Backpack Coolers – Stay Cool This Summer!

July 21, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

Backpack CoolersBackpack coolers might just be the best thing to ever happen to summer. With summer here in all its warmth and glory, it's time to get out of your house, get off the couch and head outside! Biking, hiking, paddling, fishing or simply heading out to the beach…the options are endless. But when it comes to beating the heat this summer, there is a brand new way to bring the cool with you wherever you go – backpack coolers.

The heat of summer was made for enjoying ice-cold beverages, summer salads and fresh cold cuts. But lugging around a hard-shell cooler is anything but fun. As you head out with your friends this summer, backpack coolers are a game changer when it comes to keeping things cool and fresh in the scorching heat. Backpack coolers offer the functionality of the best hard shell coolers on the market today with the comfort of a backpack.

Backpack coolers, like the IceMule Pro, are made for one specific purpose – keeping the cold in and the heat out. Here are a few features that make them an ideal travel companion:

Backpack Cooler With Kids Kayak

Backpack Coolers Are Rugged Yet Light-Weight
Good quality backpack coolers like the IceMule Pro are crafted from durable yet light-weight materials to handle the toughest trails while keeping weight to a minimum. You can use the backpack as a work horse during your trek in the wilderness or as a handy knapsack for the relaxed environments of a beach. They will neither tear nor leak. In other words, these new coolers will not let you down.

Backpack Coolers Are Leakproof
Traditional soft-sided or soft-shell coolers are often made with sewn seams and zippers. New backpack coolers like the IceMule Pro are made from welded seams, have zero zippers and incorporate a 100% leakproof, easy to use roll and click top closure just like you would find in a premium dry bag.

Backpack Coolers Actually Keep Stuff Cold!
We're not kidding! When you choose a backpack cooler you'll be amazed at how well they actually work. A thick but flexibly layer of insulation sandwiched between two layers of tough waterproof material combined with an airtight seal (remember - no sewn seams and no zippers) provides ice-cold protection from the best summer heat. But the IceMule Pro goes even further by allowing users to add air to the base insulation layer providing even more insulation to your backpack cooler with zero additional weight.

Backpack Coolers Are Way More Comfortable Than Hard-Shell Coolers
Carrying food and drinks packed with ice may sound heavy and tiresome, but backpack coolers make it an easy, lightweight task. Fitted with cushioned shoulder straps, ergonomic padding, and ventilated back pads, well designed backpack coolers like the IceMule Pro provide the ultimate in ice-carrying comfort.

Backpack Coolers Paddleboarding

Backpack Coolers Are Not Just Meant For Hiking
Modern backpack coolers can be carried wherever your adventure takes you. Hiking and trekking is obvious but backpack coolers are equally as practical for all sorts of summer adventures from summer festivals to picnics in the park or navigating the long walk from parking spot to beach.

Backpack coolers were made for summer. Celebrate every adventure with the ice-cold goodness that you deserve!

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