7 Less Things To Worry About When You Switch From Bottled Water To Elua

October 09, 2013 by Andrew Moorey

Relax! You Have Elua Water!It seems that we’re surrounded by worry these days. We worry about money, our kids, our food, global warming, retirement, politics, the list goes on and on.

Part of the reason we created Elua was to help reduce the amount of worry in your life. We can’t fix everything, but here are 7 less things to worry about when you switch to Elua Water.

  1. You’ll never have to worry about running out of bottled water again. Did someone grab the last bottle from the case in the basement and not tell you? Did someone drain the bottle on the water cooler and not change it? Do you have enough bottled water for that sports thing this weekend? Imagine having your favourite brand of bottled water on tap that never runs out along with some of the most contemporary and beautiful refillable glass bottles on the market today? With Elua, you’ll receive replacement filters automatically every 6 months for the utmost in convenience and hassle free service.
  2. Do you have a water cooler? Do you worry about waking up to find 5 gallons of water on your floor? Are you dreading a repeat of the last bottle that bounced off the corner of the doorway as you carried it in and exploded in a tsunami through your dining room? No more bottles means no more worry about cracks and leaks.
  3. Do you wonder and worry about chemical leaching from plastic water bottles. Do you worry that your 18.9 L (5 gal) bottle still contains BPA (it probably does) or if it was #1 or #7 bottles that you are supposed to avoid? (It's both actually.) Are you concerned that the case of water you left in your hot trunk all day is still ok to drink? (Unless you like Antimony, it’s not). You’ve got better things to spend your time on right? Refilling a quality glass or metal bottle with filtered water (that meets NSF 42 and 53 standards) from Elua takes just minutes and offers a much healthier level of convenience than plastic packaged bottled water.
  4. Worried about balancing your budget? Should you cut cable, internet or that expensive cappuccino that gets you through your morning commute? Would an extra $400, $500 or even $1,000 per year help out? We ran a contest on Facebook last week and asked people to tell us how much money they could save by switching from bottled water to Elua. And while the average was $400-$500 per year, dozens and dozens of people told us that they could save $800, $900 and $1,000 or more per year. And the best part is that you aren’t sacrificing anything. In fact, your life will become easier, healthier, more environmentally friendly….
  5. Have you been worrying about when your water cooler was cleaned and disinfected last, when you will find time to do it or even how to do it? Simplify with the Everpure H-300 or PBS-400 under the sink water filtration system offered by Elua. It connects to a dedicated filtered water faucet on the corner of your sink (and/or to your fridge) and requires no complicated procedures or disassembly to clean and disinfect.
  6. Would you like to stop getting the evil eye from your environmentally friendly kids or co-workers? Concerned that you might not be doing enough to reduce your impact on our environment? Not sure what to do with your single serve plastic water bottles since your community doesn’t have a recycling or bottle deposit program? From the creation of the plastic bottle itself to the transportation of the finished product to stores, offices and homes, bottled water has a significant and well documented impact on our environment. The amount of natural resources consumed, and the pollution created by the production and transport of bottled water is out of balance with its benefits. We designed Elua to help reduce your carbon footprint by providing a sustainable alternative to bottled water without sacrificing taste, quality or convenience.
  7. Are you worried about your back? Are you concerned that the next time you lift that heavy bottle or case of water out of the shopping cart, trunk or basement that your luck will run out? Are you worried about your aging parents moving around heavy bottles or cases of water? Switch to Elua and never handle a heavy case or bottle again. With Elua, the only thing you need to do is change a filter or two every 6 months with a simple twist, no tools or frustration required.

Switching from tap water or bottled water to Elua WILL reduce the amount of worry in your life. We offer some of the most smart (and beautiful) water filtration systems on the market today backed by a level of service and convenience that is designed to make your life simpler. Stop worrying and let us make your water simple again.

Want to learn more about switching from bottled water to filtered water from Elua? Click here for our Top 10 FAQs about Elua.

What worries you the most about your drinking water? Post a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

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