3 Reasons Why Reverse Osmosis May Not Be Right For You.

August 19, 2015 by Andrew Moorey

Thinking aIsn't shopping for a home water filtration system crazy? So many choices, so many different technologies, so many different companies selling them online......it's enough to make a person give up and buy bottled water.

Hang in there, this is worth the research!

Check out these facts about bottled water and your health, bottled water and our environment and even the not so cool water cooler.

If you are shopping for a home water filtration system to use with plain old, regular tap water, keep reading. We're going to fire 3 quick questions at you to try and help you decide if you should keep reverse osmosis on your list of potential water treatment systems or cross it off and move on.

If you really need a reverse osmosis drinking water system, we highly recommend the Everpure ROM II or ROM III from Pentair Everpure.

1. Do you want natural, healthy minerals in your drinking water?

If your answer is YES, reverse osmosis is not for you. Reverse osmosis is so powerful, it removes all natural minerals from the water, producing what's called "demineralized water". Is demineralized water safe to drink or healthy? Most experts say no. Click here for our post "Is Demineralized Water Safe Drinking Water?"

2. Is your municipal tap water contaminated with weird contaminants like Sodium or Arsenic or Uranium?

If your answer is NO, then you really don't need reverse osmosis. You can get it but besides having to deal with the health implications of demineralized water discussed above, you're also going to bring some significant maintenance issues into your home. This includes special pre-filters that if not changed on time can lead to chlorine eating holes in your RO membrane, impossible to clean storage tanks and complicated installations. Click here to read our post Is "Reverse Osmosis The Best Water Filter For Your Home?"

3. Do you consider yourself green?

Not "Green Eggs and Ham" green but green as in you do what you can to help out Mother Nature? If your answer is YES, then reverse osmosis might not be a good fit for you. Most RO systems produce 1 litre of waste water for every 1 litre of drinking water produced. Yep, that's a lot of waste water down the drain isn't it?

Typical RO Unit

Is Reverse Osmosis The Best Home Water Filtration System?

Reverse Osmosis or "RO" systems are considered to be the cream of the crop; the coolest kid in the backyard.  For all if its next-generation technology and promises, reverse osmosis is a great tool if you need to desalinate your water or remove rare contaminants like Arsenic but it comes with a pretty big price tag and we're not just talking about money. Click here to read our post Is "Reverse Osmosis The Best Water Filter For Your Home?"

Still not sure? Click here to read our "10 Commandments About Home Water Filtration Systems"

Everpure H-300 Water Filtration System

Looking for an alternative to reverse osmosis for your home water filtration system?

If you're looking for a straight up, no nonsense water filtration system that provides pure, clean, healthy drinking water that's environmentally friendly, certified to rigorous NSF/ANSI standards and super easy to install and maintain, I recommend the Everpure H-300.

I like the Everpure H-300 because unlike many filters, it's certified to remove Volatile Organic Compounds, more commonly called VOCs which includes a family of contaminants called THMs. THM's are created when the chlorine in municipal drinking water reacts with organic substances in the water such as bacteria, cysts, tannins and other natural compounds. THM's are proven carcinogens.

The H-300  is made by Everpure (owned by industry giant Pentair, one of the best names in the industry) and come with a number of unique features and benefits, making it one of the best home or office POU water filtration systems we've found. And it's so compact and so simple! No tanks, no wasted water, no large banks of filters - just one simple long life filter good for 1,134 L (300 gal) or 1 year - that's 60 x 18.9 L (5 gal) water bottles. And the best part is that unlike RO systems, the Everpure H-300 delivers water at a super fast rate of 1.89 L per minute (1/2 gpm) flow rate.

Everpure H-300 Features


Our philosophy? Great tasting, safe drinking water with a conscience. At Elua, our goal is to make water simple again. To provide our shared community with the tools and knowledge, products and services to create healthy, great tasting and safe drinking water without complications or compromise.

Click here to learn more about the Everpure H-300 Water Filtration System, our pick as best alternative to complicated RO systems. 

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