Water Made Simple For Retirement

The Thompsons are new to retirement and enjoying each and every minute of it. Convenience, independence and health are important to the Thompsons but so is managing their finances and living a "green" life. Elua has helped the Thompsons save money, improve their freedom and reduce their impact on our environment. No more water cooler, no more heavy bottles, no more plastic and no compromise on water taste or quality.


8:00 am Coffee, tea and juice taste better.

Fresh ground coffee and loose leaf tea are some of life’s small pleasures. By using their new Everpure CTS-H54 Water Filtration System from Elua, the Thompsons enjoy unlimited premium drinking water that couldn't be easier. With no installation, plumbing or drilling required, their new counter top water filtration system set up in just minutes. Easy to tuck away when not in use, it fit perfectly into their new lifestyle.


10:00 am Premium filtered water ready when they are.

Their new home water filtration system allows the Thompsons to enjoy the convenience of bottled water without the high cost. Mr. Thompson refills a couple of his shatterproof Glasstic water bottles and heads out to golf while Mrs. Thompson grabs her Citrus Zinger Fruit Infusion Water Bottle from the fridge on her way to book club.


12:00 pm A reusable, glass water bottle helps avoid overpriced bottled water.

At $2 or more per bottle at convenience stores and coffee shops, cutting out lunch time purchases of bottled water by even 2 bottles per day saves the Thompsons over $2,500 in three years! Reusable BPA free water water bottles from Elua also allows the Thompsons to demonstrate their commitment to the environment while kicking the bottled water habit for good.


3:00 pm Helping out with the grandchildren is easier with Elua.

Spending time with their grandchildren is important to the Thompsons. Helping the kids create healthy flavoured water using their Zing54 Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher helps hydrate the grandchildren without the high amounts of sugar found in most juices and juice boxes. Less sugar makes for calmer grandchildren and a more enjoyable afternoon for everyone.


5:00 pm Filtered water at supper or dinner saves money.

With a renewed focus on their health and the time to actually look more closely at what they are eating and drinking, the Thompsons decided to bring water back to the supper table. Bottled water was a chore and the taste and odour of chlorine from regular tap water was anything but enjoyable. A glass carafe with ice, lemon and premium, filtered water finally gave them the answer they were looking for. Switching to filtered water also saved enough money for another weekend getaway!


10:00 pm Relax with Elua.

After discovering Elua, the Thompsons started to find life a little bit easier. They no longer worried about lifting and changing heavy water bottles, running out of bottled water, chemical leaching in their bottled water or the impact they were having on the environment. They celebrated water flavour without chemicals, preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners and really reduced the amount of plastic in their life. in.

With a  glass of premium filtered water at their bedside, the Smiths were proud of their drinking water again and proud to support charity: water and 1% for the Planet through Elua. Click here to learn more about the Elua story.

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    The Tassa workplace realizes water is important to productivity, fighting fatigue, and maintaining healthy minds and bodies.

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  • Your Family Deserves Better Water

    Elua has helped the Smiths stay healthy and hydrated while keeping active and saving money.

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Read what our clients have to say.

  • ...I allowed a flask of Elua filtered water and tap water to warm to room temperature and then tried a blind test with my wife and two daughters.  My wife's reaction was instant, and obvious.  Same thing for our 10 year old, and 5 year old.  Then I tried both samples myself at room temperature and was quite frankly shocked.  The chemical after-taste, obvious in the tap water, was disturbing.  The Elua water tasted clean, and crisp, with zero after-taste...

    Dennis Wood, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • Bye-Bye Brita - From New Elua Customer
    Bye-Bye Brita!

    Nadia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • My new Finecel [water filtration system] is up and running! It took me an hour or so. Super easy fittings. Easy to follow instructions. Water tastes good!
    The faucet on the counter is really growing on me. Thanks guys!

    Chris Hemsworth, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • I just installed my Elua water [filtration] system and I have to say it is fantastic. Looks modern, does not take up too much space under the counter, the water tastes excellent, and was reasonably priced. I couldn’t be happier with this product and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Elua!

    Dawn and Stephen Mitchell, Kenora, Ontario