Better Water in the Workplace

Like most workplaces, Tassa Engineering has a couple of water coolers as well as a fridge stocked with bottled water. They know how important drinking water is in maintaining a healthy and productive team. But they also began to realize that bottled water did not fit with their "green" culture and the costs were getting out of control. The decision to switch to an office water filtration system was easy. Water quality went up along with the bottom line while arguments over who's turn it was to change the water bottle went down.


8:00 am Never run out of bottled water again, ever.

Starting the day by finding an empty bottle on the water cooler is worse than getting out of the wrong side of the bed. Tassa Engineering was built on coffee and Matcha tea and anything that got in the way of that was bad karma. By kicking their water cooler to the curb and switching to a high flow Everpure PBS-400 Water Filtration System, the Tassa team enjoyed unlimited, premium drinking water that never ran out and eliminated all arguments over who's turn it was to change the bottle on the water cooler.


11:30 am Help your workplace go ‘green’!

Switching to filtered water helped the Tassa team go 'green' and reduce their carbon footprint. Eliminating their water coolers reduced their electricity consumption. Stopping their deliveries of bottled water reduced emissions from delivery trucks and emptying the fridge of bottled water reduced their consumption of plastic and the large footprint associated with recycling it. No more #7 type 18.9 L (5 gal) bottles meant no BPA in the workplace and by choosing Elua they were able to support one of their favourite charities: 1% for the Planet. Click here for more information on bottled waters impact on our shared environment.


1:00 pm No more water coolers and no more heavy bottles!

After a broken 18.9L water bottle flooded the lunch room, the team at Tassa started looking for a better way to supply their office with good quality drinking water. Heavy water bottles, dirty water coolers and complicated bottle deposit systems was just too much work. The Everpure PBS Water Filtration System was just what they were looking for, provding easy installation, long life filters equal to 600 x 18.9L (5gal) bottles and ultra fast flow rates of 8.3 litres per minute (2.2 gpm).


3:00 pm All natural drink mixes help avoid afternoon fatigue.

The team at Tassa successfully dodges the afternoon drowsiness by staying well hydrated. By stocking the staff room with all natural drink mixes and water enhancers, everyone enjoyed their new water flavours and old favourites. More water and fewer sugary drinks gave a boost to productivity improved team mood and morale improve and helped many make real changes to their health.


5:30 pm Bottom line savings of $1,500 per year.

Last year, their expense line at Tassa for bottled water totaled almost $1,700. 2 rental water coolers, 4 x 18.9 L (5 gal) bottles and a case of disposable bottles per week was growing along with the size of their team. By consolidating to just one point of use water filtration system in the lunch room annual costs dropped to less than $200 per year for replacement filters, a savings of $1,500! Call us at 1-888-998-0030 or click here more contact information and take the next step in purchasing a water filtration system for your office today.

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Read what our clients have to say.

  • Our Elua water filtration system fits so neatly under the kitchen sink. Filtered drinking water on demand has been a great improvement for us - filling water bottles as you're rushing to get ready to go out, boiling water for tea, making my fermented concoctions and broths - it's all so convenient now!

    Julie Biljardt, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • My new Finecel [water filtration system] is up and running! It took me an hour or so. Super easy fittings. Easy to follow instructions. Water tastes good!
    The faucet on the counter is really growing on me. Thanks guys!

    Chris Hemsworth, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Bye-Bye Brita - From New Elua Customer
    Bye-Bye Brita!

    Nadia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • ...I allowed a flask of Elua filtered water and tap water to warm to room temperature and then tried a blind test with my wife and two daughters.  My wife's reaction was instant, and obvious.  Same thing for our 10 year old, and 5 year old.  Then I tried both samples myself at room temperature and was quite frankly shocked.  The chemical after-taste, obvious in the tap water, was disturbing.  The Elua water tasted clean, and crisp, with zero after-taste...

    Dennis Wood, Thunder Bay, Ontario