Your Family Deserves Better Water

The Smith Family is constantly on the go. Between work, school, sports and volunteering, it’s a real challenge to balance health and wellness, the household budget and their carbon footprint. Life with Elua has helped the Smiths save money, improve their health and reduce their impact on our environment without sacrificing something important to them – high quality drinking water. Let’s take a look at how Elua fits into their life.


6:30 am Coffee, tea and juice taste better.

Fresh ground coffee and loose leaf tea are some of life’s small pleasures. By using the Everpure H-300 Water Filtration System from Elua, the Smiths enjoy café quality beverages free of chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs and other contaminants. Combining with BPA free reusable water bottles and all-natural water enhancers allows the Smiths to use chlorine free water to make their own flavoured water, maximize taste while keeping the grocery bill in check.


8:30 am Mornings are easier, healthier and happier.

With their new home water filtration system, the Smiths enjoy the convenience of unlimited filtered water. Dad fills up for his morning bike ride, mom refills her reusable glass water bottle for the commute to work and school lunches are packed with fun fruit infused water creations. With Elua, the Smiths never have to worry about running out of drinking water again. More water and less juice boxes, milk and energy drinks save the Smiths money and calories.


12:00 pm A reusable, glass water bottle helps avoid overpriced bottled water at lunch.

At $2 or more per bottle at vending machines and cafeterias, cutting out lunch time purchases of bottled water and replacing with a reusable BPA free water bottle saves the Smiths hundreds of dollars a year. Using their shatterproof glass water bottles from Glasstic also allows the Smiths to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and kicking the bottled water habit.


3:00 pm All natural drink mixes help avoid afternoon fatigue.

Staying hydrated is easier when your water has some giddy up and flavour. The Smiths dodge the afternoon drowsiness that comes from too much coffee and not enough water, the children's grades improve at school and the Smiths simply feel better at the end of their day. By switching to all-natural water enhancers and drink mix from Elua, the Smiths feel better by eliminating artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes and chemicals from their diet.


6:00 pm Filtered water at supper or dinner makes for healthier families.

Supper was often a rush for the Smiths as they got ready for swimming, soccer and homework. Prepackaged soda, juice and bottled water had suddenly become a staple, contributing to the fast food environment and leaving the Smiths frazzled. A glass carafe filled with premium fruit infused filtered water finally gave them the answer they were looking for.

After cutting out soda and juice, everyone slept better and meal times seemed to slow down just a bit. Filling a 1 L (33 oz.) carafe for just pennies per litre also saved enough money in a year for a weekend getaway!


10:00 pm Relax with Elua.

After discovering Elua, the Smith's started to find life a little bit easier. They no longer worried about lifting and changing heavy water bottles, running out of bottled water, chemical leaching in their bottled water or the impact they were having on the environment. They celebrated water flavour without chemicals, preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners and really reduced the amount of plastic in their life. in.

With a  glass of premium filtered water at their bedside, the Smiths were proud of their drinking water again and proud to support charity: water and 1% for the Planet through Elua. Click here to learn more about the Elua story.

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Read what our clients have to say.

  • Bye-Bye Brita - From New Elua Customer
    Bye-Bye Brita!

    Nadia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • Our Elua water filtration system fits so neatly under the kitchen sink. Filtered drinking water on demand has been a great improvement for us - filling water bottles as you're rushing to get ready to go out, boiling water for tea, making my fermented concoctions and broths - it's all so convenient now!

    Julie Biljardt, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • ...I allowed a flask of Elua filtered water and tap water to warm to room temperature and then tried a blind test with my wife and two daughters.  My wife's reaction was instant, and obvious.  Same thing for our 10 year old, and 5 year old.  Then I tried both samples myself at room temperature and was quite frankly shocked.  The chemical after-taste, obvious in the tap water, was disturbing.  The Elua water tasted clean, and crisp, with zero after-taste...

    Dennis Wood, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • I just installed my Elua water [filtration] system and I have to say it is fantastic. Looks modern, does not take up too much space under the counter, the water tastes excellent, and was reasonably priced. I couldn’t be happier with this product and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Elua!

    Dawn and Stephen Mitchell, Kenora, Ontario