Elua knows drinking water.

Elua started as a twinkle in the eye of Canadian based business Global Hydration back in 2012.

From mobile water treatment units to water purification tablets, our parent company Global Hydration has purified some of the most challenging water sources around the globe in some of the most remote regions that you could imagine.

The idea for Elua came when a growing number of friends and customers asked for help with water filtration in the home and workplace. They expressed frustration with confusing water filtration technologies and complicated installations. Many simply chose bottled water even though it came at a higher cost and compromised their commitment to the environment and long term health. Global Hydration's experience and passion for innovation converged with their co-founders background in bottled water to find a better solution.

The twinkle soon became a project packed with excitement, optimism, sleepless nights, lots of planning and lists and lists and lists of potential brand names. While naming a newborn can be a challenge, naming a new brand within trademark laws is ten-fold the challenge. However in looking back at its first, second and third choices of names, none of them now seem as perfect today as Elua (ee-looh-ah).

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Global Hydration

Founded in 2001, Global Hydration took on the challenge of finding an alternative to bottled water in response to emergency preparedness and industrial needs.

A federally incorporated, Canadian based company, Global Hydration was started in 2001 as co-founders and brothers, Andrew and Ian Moorey took on the challenge of finding an alternative to bottled water used for disaster aid. Bottled water was simply too heavy, too expensive and left too much plastic behind when used in remote locations.

Global Hydration first developed the Can Pure Water Purification System (WPS) which quickly became the chosen product of disaster preparedness teams in Canada and the US. It is now one of the most portable water purification systems available on the market today in its class. Global Hydration continued to diversify and grow, working closely with well-known brands and companies such as Aquatabs, Spectra, Sawyer and Pentair to commercialize and bring new ideas and solutions to market.

Global Hydration is proud to have had the opportunity to work with respected customers around the globe including CARE, the Missouri Office of Homeland Security, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, World Concern, the O.P.P, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, Toronto HUSAR and the Bacardi Family Foundation. Global Hydration is based in sunny Thunder Bay, Ontario on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior near the USA - Canada border where the team enjoys snowy winters and hot summers with friends and family.

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Introducing Our Co-Founders

Yes, they're brothers!

  • Ian Moorey

    Co-Founder and COO

    Learning the ropes from his father at their family’s bottled water company, Ian has spent his life working with water including co-founding Global Hydration. As Chief Design Engineer and Field Technician, Ian has a passion for all things mechanical. When he’s not working with water, he’s out racing sail boats on it or camping beside it with his family in Thunder Bay, ON.

  • Andrew Moorey

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Andrew has more than 18 years of experience in the water industry, co-founding Global Hydration after holding the position of VP in his family’s bottled water company for many years. Andrew studied Entrepreneurship at Confederation College and has a passion for innovation and charitable work. When not at the office, Andrew enjoys cycling and canoeing with his family along the shores of Lake Superior.


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